#RethinkingItaly is Divertimento Group’s (DG) business-to-consumer (B2C) social responsibility campaign that puts people before monuments.

Our Alternative Cultural Adventures are designed with local residents that have been born and raised in the area that they want to proudly promote. We are the only Italy-only travel company using this multi-stakeholder approach.

We put local residents’ quality of life first.

We focus on the people.
We focus on their stories.
We focus on “their Italy.”

Local residents are the precious gatekeepers of tradition and artisan secrets. Divertimento Group programs foster respect for them.

Our Alternative Cultural Adventures let travelers meet the people, eat the food (and throw away their garbage!), touch the history, and hear the stories of local residents.


Experiential & adventure travel is in demand

Our cultural travelers prefer meeting local people to visiting monuments.

Alternative cultural adventures are the best way for travelers to join DG’s STOP Overtourism Movement. They can cultivate new behaviors (like leaving selfie-sticks home) and embrace a concept of Sustainable Travel that goes beyond protecting only monuments/natural environments.


Hot-spot favorite cities and popular remote areas are suffering social and environmental consequences of out-of-control, mass tourism.

By choosing DG’s Alternative Cultural Adventures travelers are contributing to improving the quality of life of local residents. Be sure to check our website soon for a list of DG-USA Resellers.



MURANO Workshops and Private Tutorials

Our Glass Tourism Division is creating cultural exchanges and small group full immersion courses or private sessions on the island of Murano! No other travel company in the world can combine travel-educational opportunities with internationally acclaimed Murano Maestri (for more info write Lesley[at]