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#RethinkingItaly is Divertimento Group’s B2B/B2C social responsibility campaign - that puts people before monuments.

As part of the campaign, Divertimento Group’s (DG) Italian member network is made up of local residents who design cultural adventures that help promote their territory – in a way that guarantees it will be “lived” and not just “seen”.

In our a unique, multi-stakeholder approach:

  • DG USA-Resellers join our STOP Overtourism movement and promote Alternative Cultural Adventures that are designed by local residents – who are DG Members.
  • Travelers who purchase Alternative Cultural Adventures participate in the #RethinkingItaly campaign by choosing to visit Italy in a way that has a positive impact on local residents – some of whom actually designed the adventure they purchased.
  • Italian and American businesses committed to promoting Italy at its best sponsor high-profile events that raise awareness about RethinkingItaly and RethinkingItalianTravel.


Some of our Alternative Cultural Adventures