Workshop for Advanced Glass Artists

World premiere educational opportunities with maestri (master artists) on Murano

U.S.-trained artists, chefs, and wine makers often go to Europe, at some point, to explore a Master-apprenticeship type of learning experience. They go to listen to centuries-old secrets, watch a lot, and spend precious uninterrupted time practicing with their mentor close-by.  Beyond perfecting skill-sets or learning new techniques, these experiences offer U.S.-trained professionals the chance to be immersed in Old World culture, to “live” one’s craft and to go home feeling an enormous sense of personal growth.

Up until now, American glass artists who have dreamed about working alongside a Murano maestro have rarely gone to the island. There haven’t been many opportunities to do so, and, therefore, most have waited for the famous Maestri to come to the U.S.

Divertimento Group, an American company, specialized in artistic and cultural exchanges (USA-Italy), and the only company in the world with a Glass Tourism Division – wants to change that.

Please write Lesley[at] with MURANO MAESTRI in subject line for more information about course outline and registration procedures.

MURANO Workshops and Private Tutorials

Our Glass Tourism Division is creating cultural exchanges and small group full immersion courses or private sessions on the island of Murano! No other travel company in the world can combine travel-educational opportunities with internationally acclaimed Murano Maestri (for more info write Lesley[at]