How to avoid the tourist masses in Venice
"Tourists destroy what they are looking for by finding it," wrote German writer Hans-Magnus Enzensberger — and that applies to Venice today. Still, DW reporter Juan Martinez has found ways to avoid the crowds. (21.02.2018)

Overtourism: where will it take us?
Great article with a list of other articles on the subject written by journalists at Deutsche Welle – Germany’s public communication company.

Tourism is booming - and so are its side effects
Worldwide tourism will be celebrating a record year in 2017. The UNWTO had wanted to counter tourism's negative consequences on local residents and environments with a Year of Sustainability. A preliminary stock-taking. (27.12.2017)

Venice: Growing protests against tourists
Berlin, Mallorca, the Italian Riviera - all these popular vacation destinations are also home to local protest movements against the masses of tourists. Now a similar dispute has come to a head in Venice as well. (19.08.2016)

Mallorca may limit number of tourists
Regional politicians say the Balearic Islands have reached total capacity in the summer months. Now they plan to introduce a tourist tax and reduce the number of package tour visitors. (15.07.2015)

'Overtourism' swamps Amsterdam
The Dutch capital is now pushing back in an attempt to keep the city attractive to visitors and residents alike. But some say it's not going far enough. (18.12.2017)

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