Lesley Pritikin, founder, Chief of Cultural Competence

As a business strategist, Lesley Pritikin utilizes her remarkable skill at reading the pulse of any marketplace, from technology to educational ventures, micro-biology research groups and international neuroscience centers. But her very early awareness of being a citizen of the world is what she feels defines her most, which she credits to her parents' open- door policy to young foreigners visiting Chicago and staying in their home in the '70's. As a very young girl, during a family vacation to the 1964 NY World’s Fair, she marveled at all the languages that surrounded her and the people from all corners of the globe. And it was there that she decided categorically to study social anthropology and immerse herself in the wonderfully diverse cultures of the world. Hitchhiking throughout Europe with her twin sister after university is when Italy entered into her life. And, the rest is history...

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Estelle Carol, partner, Chief Visual Visionary

Lesley invited Estelle Carol, to be a partner in Divertimento Group not only because of her orientation to all things that improve society and humankind, but  because she was able to translate business ideas into brilliant visual communication. Not surprising, considering she studied art at University of Chicago and graphic design at University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to being responsible for all things “visual and digital” for the company, Estelle will assist Divertimento Group members in designing their spectacular websites for the USA marketplace, working with three platforms in particular: Joomla, WordPress, and SquareSpace. Estelle is also the senior designer and lead project manager for WebTrax Studio, the digital media company she founded in 1998, after years of running Carol Simpson Productions, a graphic design and illustration studio, with her partner Bob Simpson. When she is not at her desk, she’s in her urban vegetable garden or kitchen, preparing soups with homegrown squash, kale, and pumpkin.  


Isabel Lee, Chief Web Developer

With years of experience working with Estelle Carol under her belt and a strong interest in the Divertimento Group's mission, Isabel was on point to assist with the launch of the Divertimento Group's site. She is a graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Marketing and certificate in Entrepreneurship. In addition to doing freelance graphic design for clients, mostly in the music industry, Isabel designs products for her clothing lifestyle brand, Wishful Thinker Clothing. She has a lot of projects and podcasts in the works and hen she's not at her desk, she enjoys live music and nights out on the town in Chicago.

MURANO Workshops and Private Tutorials

Our Glass Tourism Division is creating cultural exchanges and small group full immersion courses or private sessions on the island of Murano! No other travel company in the world can combine travel-educational opportunities with internationally acclaimed Murano Maestri (for more info write Lesley[at]divertimentogroup.com)